NQT learning – Autumn 1

This half term the NQTs have had online training with Barb Sims (Head teacher at Kaizen Primary School) where they have been looking at Establishing effective routines and expectations.

In Barb’s follow up session the NQTs looked at developing a positive, predictable and safe environment for pupils and shared their practice expressing what they have tried and what is working well.

The NQTs have also been working through block 1 of the Early Career Professional Development Programme (Establishing a positive climate for learning).


Feedback from NQT

Here is an example of one of the NQTs using a recognition board to keep the behaviour focussed each day. “The recognition board gives the class as a community something to work on and support each other to achieve. They are then recognised for achieving this. On this day we were focussing on Quiet transitions”


Feedback from Mentor

Attending the mentor training and having the materials and guidance on the Early Career Professional Development Programme platform has helped focus the coaching and support I provide for the NQTs I am mentoring.


Coming up

Next half term the NQTs will be focussing on ‘How pupils learn’ They will have some online sessions with Paul Main (Founder, Structural Learning) around Cognition and the Principles of instruction. They will also work through block 2 of the Early Career Professional Development Programme (How pupils learn)