Bill Rogers: Behaviour Leadership and Management in the Classroom

This seminar will address the essential and core practices of Behaviour Leadership and Management at the classroom level.

–  How to establish respectful behaviour leadership at the outset of a new class;
–  How to address the range of distracting and disruptive behaviours in a class group;
–  Core skills;
–  How to utilise encouragement and build classroom cohesion;
–  How to use behaviour consequences with special reference to restorative practice;
–  Addressing challenging behaviours;
–  Behaviour support.

Bill Rogers brings together extensive experience and contributions from practising teachers that suggest ways to tackle very challenging behaviour in schools such as bullying, violence and behaviour disorders. Bill will explore the reality and extent of ‘behaviour disorder’ as a phenomenon in mainstream schools (with special reference to ADD / ADHD spectrum behaviours), supporting teachers who have such student behaviours in their classes, behaviour management and discipline practice and much more.

Bill Rogers taught for many years before becoming an education consultant and author; he lectures widely on behaviour management, discipline, effective teaching, stress management and teacher welfare across the UK and Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Bill also works as a mentor-teacher, team-teaching in challenging schools. He is well aware of the challenges of teacher leadership in schools today. His most popular and best-selling book Classroom Behaviour has been translated into several languages in its various editions and is the behaviour bible for teachers.

  • Date: 25 November
  • Time: 09:30am - 04:30pm
  • Location: St. Paul's Way Centre
  • Address: 83 St Paul's Way, E3 4AJ London
  • Cost: £ 250.00